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Welcome to the North Star, the official student news site of Lakeville North High School in Lakeville, Minnesota.

For over 30 years, the North Star was the official student newspaper of Lakeville North and Lakeville High school. But, for the first time in school history, the North Star newspaper became a strictly online publication in 2014.

All content on the North Star is written and produced by Lakeville North High School students through the extra-curricular activity. The North Star is a public forum for student expression.

Reviews, columns, and editorials are the opinions of the writers and do not reflect the views of the North Star staff, adviser, or the Lakeville North high school administration.

Comments are welcomed on the North Star site. However, any forms of profanity, foul language, or personal attacks are not permitted. The North Star staff appreciates your cooperation.

To contact the advisor or Editor-In-Chief of the North Star, send comments and suggestions to [email protected]


Special thanks to LNHS student Jennifer Athmann for her fantastic header design.

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