LNHS junior takes HOSA to new heights

Abby Stoa , Staff Writer

Photo of LN HOSA president Lauren Trygstad.

North’s student run HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) chapter has over 100 students involved. The large volume of student involvement can be accredited to the immense amount of work that Lauren Trygstad (North’s HOSA president) has done. By planning field trips, bringing in speakers, and making the activity accessible to everyone, Trygstad has exponentially grown the club.

“We had four informational meetings at the beginning of the school year because we really wanted to make it accessible to everyone. We also always have meetings before and after school so for people who are in sports and other activities can still be involved,” said Trygstad. 

By planning multiple field trips and bringing in guest speakers Trygstad has been able to allow the members of HOSA to get a more hands on experience and learn more about the medical field. 

“There are so many different ways for members to be involved We have guest speakers and volunteer opportunities every month Like in December we have MRC (Medical Reserve Camp) and we have the opportunity to go up north and we get trained in CPR and first aid, but it’s really cool cause we get trained by the National Guard so it’s really interesting,” said Trygstad. 

Furthermore, Trygstad has not only contributed to North’s chapter of HOSA, but also with in the state’s chapter. She endured the strenuous selection process which took months to complete.

“There are 65 pages of paperwork, you need to get it signed by your counselor, principal, dean, and the advisor of your chapter. You then have to send in a candidate video, you even have to take a written test on HOSA history…then the highest scoring candidates get elected,” Trygstad said.

With Trygstad being the Vice President of Minnesota’s HOSA chapter, she has many responsibilities and tasks because the activity is run by students only. 

“HOSA is 100% student led at the national and state level so whenever there is a HOSA competition in Minnesota, the six state officers have to get together and plan everything,” said Trygstad. 

As Trygstad continues to lead HOSA on many levels of the organization, she hopes that those who are interested in a medical field will consider joining. 

“HOSA gives you the ability to reach out as far as your education goes. You’ll meet guest speakers, go on field trips and have an advantage over other students in terms of what you want to go into after high school and college.”