If you thought Clark Griswold had a lot of lights…think again

Abby Stoa, Staff Writer

After Halloween, many people start preparing for Thanksgiving, but Cassie Luehring (Jr.) and her family jump ahead by hanging up the lights in preparation for Christmas. One of her family’s greatest holiday traditions is decorating the house with tens of thousands of lights, a project that takes about a month to complete.

“We normally start the day after Halloween and put stuff up weekend by weekend, then we work all the way up until Thanksgiving and then we turn the lights on Thanksgiving night,” Luerhing said.

As of right now, the Luehring family has over 70,000 lights in their yard, but it was never their intent to go all out, it just sort of happened.

“We started out by just doing a couple of trees in the front, but then with each year we’ve started to add more and more. Like we’d be at the store and randomly get something else to put in the front yard, and it’s just kinda accumulated. I don’t know how long ago, but definitely for the past four or five years it’s gotten to be pretty big,” Luerhing said.

As the house continues to get more and more lights, more and more people are starting to take notice. Luehring notes that as soon as the lights go on, people are instantly intrigued.

“It’s crazy how many people drive by and comment on the house. One time my mom’s friend said people were late to their Thanksgiving dinner because they were looking at our house for so long. It’s just kinda cool that people are actually taking notice,” Luehring said.

Because the amount of lights on the house has gotten to be so much, the Luehring family wants to one day be on the Great Christmas Light Fight and really show their Christmas Spirit!

“We hope to be on it someday, it’s just kinda hard because all the houses have hundreds of thousands of lights, but we have more than 20,000 which is more than the Griswold’s, so we’re still feeling pretty proud,” Luehring noted.

Although they might not be on the Great Christmas Light Fight, they achieved their ultimate goal of simply spreading Christmas cheer.

“Just knowing the lights bring joy to people is a really cool feeling, like there was a little girl who wrote to us thanking us for putting the lights up and spreading cheer. It just makes it all worth it,” Luehring said


Street view of Luehring’s front yard.


Street view of Luehring’s backyard.