“I just want him to know I’m wife material”: New ‘Bachelor’ looks for love among fresh group of hopefuls and hot messes

Grace Mason, Ashley King, and Abby Stoa

As the 24th season of The Bachelor starts to take off, it already seems that Peter Weber and his women are in for some major turbulence on his journey to find love. The show is only two episodes in and there is already some major drama stirring in the house. Episode two only brings the tension and drama closer to the surface as Hannah B. returns to lead a group date. As you can imagine, this is beyond awkward for everyone involved and just gets more uncomfortable as the date goes on. Hannah tells the girls about her and Peter’s intense past and then expects the women to talk about their wildest relationship in front of a large audience. As the women are preparing their stories, Peter goes backstage, only to find Hannah sobbing and admitting she was wrong to let him go. She desperately wants Peter to take her back, but he refuses. They talk for a little bit and then officially end their relationship with an awkward and very intense hug. Peter then cancels the group date, but then gives his group date rose to Sydney because she “opened up and really showed herself for who she is.” 

The next day brings a new set of challenges for the women of the house. They spend the whole next day getting ready for the cocktail party that is taking place later that night. As soon as the party starts, drama is in the air. One of the women, Kelsey wants to share a bottle of champagne with Peter that she had been saving for a year for “a very special occassion”. What better way to do that than with a guy you’ve known for less than two weeks? She places the bottle in front of a roaring fireplace and waits inside for the perfect moment to snatch Peter. But then, Hannah Ann and Peter walk by the bottle and, captured by it, they decide to pop it open. Kelsey then hears the pop of the bottle and goes sprinting to find it, only to see Peter and Hannah Ann chugging it down. She bursts into tears and yells at Hannah Ann for “stealing her champagne and her moment”. The Champagne Scandal becomes the talk of the town dividing the house by those who support Hannah Ann and those who support Kelsey. All I can say is that both of them are in for a very turbulent ride.

The rose ceremony then starts with much suspension in the audience. As name by name gets called, Kelsey ended up receiving the very last rose of the night, leaving the women frustrated, especially innocent, little Hannah Ann. 

A new day comes, and that means another group date has come as well. This time a certain group of ladies gets selected to strut their stuff in front of Peter down a runway by modeling some outfits chosen from a huge selection of Revolve clothing. Many of the women were excited and confident with their choices, except for the little puppy in the corner, Victoria F, However, her motivation to win for Peter lead her into the final round between her and Hannah Ann. Victoria’s rising courage would not work though, as Hannah Ann blows the judges away and snatches the win from everyone. Victoria runs away in tears, saying she can’t do this anymore and how Hannah always wins. This will affect the after party that will come up next on the agenda.                          

As everyone in Bachelor Nation knows the after parties after a group date can get very intense at times. This party is no different. With “champagne-gate” still heavy in the air and the falling of tears from Victoria at the end of the runway, tension could be cut with a knife. Our “little, innocent” Hannah Ann decided to wear the dress she beat Victoria with to the party. Doesn’t it sound like such a great idea to flaunt your win around like that after you beat your boyfriend’s other girlfriend? Obviously this brought even more tears to Victoria’s eyes and she ended up going to see Peter. They have a heartfelt conversation about what was going through her head and that is probably one of the few wholesome moments we will see this entire season. After this conversation, the entire runway situation was basically over and done with. Then of course someone had to reopen the champagne. Kelsey was just talking to the other ladies and talking to Peter and Hannah Ann decided it was time for her to shake things up a little. She goes to Peter and describes how she had felt bullied. Personally, yeah what Kelsey said was rude but… bullying? Peter then of course brings up this little convo with Kelsey who then plays the victim card while calling out Hannah Ann for playing the victim card. The episode ends as most do now, with a cliffhanger and a glimpse at what is to come. We see all the drama, all the kissing, all the “I just don’t know if I can do this anymore”, and finally NOT a rose ceremony. If Chris Harrison doesn’t give me a rose ceremony at the end of an episode soon I’m gonna lose it. Just sayin. Next week we will see the rose ceremony, a very…interesting group date and so much more.