New Principal, New PASS



In an effort to understand class a bit better, Mr. Csargo, helps his students during PASS.

Abby Stoa , Staff Writer

As Mrs. Budde settles into the position of LNHS principle, many changes are being made to better the school. Such changes involve the red/green zones that allow students to be more focused, the mandatory hallway passes, and the new PASS system which is causing the most debate between students and teachers.

In October, the PASS system was drastically changed due to the lack of mandatory minutes of instruction that the state of Minnesota requires. Due to this Mrs. Budde, as well as the rest of the LNHS staff unanimously decided to move PASS between second and third hour. 

 “It was decided that if PASS were to continue at all, we needed to do it during the school day.  After trying different models on paper, we landed on a model that was at the same time as Lakeville South so that students and teachers who traveled between schools would have the least amount of disruption,” Budde said

While Budde understands why some people may find the new time of PASS inconvenient, she hopes it will allow time for students to slow down and catch their breath from the chaos of life. 

“Students have a huge burden of rigorous classes, sports, activities, and work. This gives everyone an equal opportunity to have a few moments each week to just get caught up, have a chance to get organized or to just chill out,” Budde said

Similarly, Budde is not the only one who thinks that the new PASS system is helpful to students. Profe Csargo believes that PASS is a great opportunity for kids to get caught up and perfect for those who are involved in multiple school activities.

“I think PASS is a great opportunity for teachers and students to kind of get together and get caught up if students aren’t grasping a certain concept. You know, some kids don’t get home until nine or ten at night due to activities so I think it’s awesome that those students are able to take time to get caught up, see what they need to work on and plan ahead,” Csargo said

Of course, not everyone sees the new system like Budde and Csargo do. While Shania Vanlewin (So.) acknowledges it needs to be a certain way, she says PASS is definitely not as convenient as last year.

“I don’t love the new PASS system, I mean there are definitely some benefits, but it was nice to sleep in on Thursdays last year, and if I don’t have anything to do it feels pointless,” Vanlewin said. 

Another student, Quin McGinely (Jr.) seems to feel the same way. While he doesn’t love PASS he acknowledges that the new system is just the way it has to be.

“It’s definitely not what I’m used to, and I do prefer the other system more, but I also understand that it’s not legally possible,” McGinley said.

If McGinley could change anything about the new system he would allow kids to meet in the commons or library for study groups.

“I just wish we could maybe meet up with kids in the commons who also don’t have anything to do, or for a study group or something, it would just make more sense,” Mcginley said.

For those who are not a fan of the new PASS system, Budde voices that she is truly sorry, but hopes students see the benefits of the new system. 

“I truly understand that it does not feel like the freedom that they had in the past.  For that, I am truly sorry. In life we are always given the chance to choose how we will respond in a situation.  If you are upset about the change, you can continue to be upset, that is your right, or you could see PASS as a free study hall built into your schedule each week. I hope that if not in the near future, somewhere down the road, students will see this opportunity as valuable,” Budde said.