A Bittersweet Goodbye

Olivia Ye, Staff Writer

The city of Northfield will be gaining a special community volunteer back for the summer and the rest of the years that follow after the 2018-2019 school year sails off. A long but short 13 years of daily commitment and devotion to Lakeville North High School, Mrs. Marne Berkvam is setting sail and saying goodbye to her much loved staff and students.

Mrs. Berkvam has many treasured memories from spending her days serving Lakeville North making sure everyone and everything runs smoothly. I had the privilege to sit down with Mrs. Berkvam and ask her questions about her career as principal and why she is proud of such an outstanding school.

Beyond anything Mrs. Berkvam is most proud of, are students that walk through Lakeville North’s doors. She has been amazed by the kindness, leadership, and drive the students bring with them.

“During my 13 years as principal so many great accomplishments have taken place. The Blue Ribbon School of excellence, is something I’m extremely proud of. It just shows you what kind students Lakeville North has.

Among other accomplishments Mrs. Berkvam is proud of PASS and the help it gives to struggling students or that extra half hour hour sleep students crave during the week. Along with the staff of SOS, Mrs. Bekvam advocates about Mental health.

“SOS is a place for students to come and feel comfortable talking about events in their lives with a trusted adult. Mental Health is something I’m passionate about, I believe if the student’s aren’t in the right frame of mind, it’s hard for them to come to school and get their work done.” said Mrs. Berkvam.

Next year, when Mrs. Berkvam will no longer have a bustling school full of students to manage, she is going to take some time to do the hobbies she has always wanted to be apart of.

“The biggest thing for me is wanting to give back to my community by volunteering. I want to work with an organization called Connect Kids. I feel like helping a child who needs support would be perfect for me, role modeling everything i’ve learned over the years while teaching.”

Retirement may be exciting, starting a new chapter in someone’s else life but that means saying goodbye to memorable days everyone looks forward to. Mrs. Berkvam will miss the days where everybody comes together to support panther pride.

“Homecoming is by far, one of my favorite times of the year. People are dressed up to the formal to the informal. Everyone from the Seniors to the freshmen are dazzled out in their overalls and pants sharing the panther spirit.” said Mrs. Berkvam.

Retirement means saying goodbye to all the staff you have worked with over the years. Making lifelong friendships with the people you’ve worked with can be a difficult goodbye and a hard chapter to close. Hiring teachers, is the most important job a principal can do. Finding the right teachers can propel the students to a successful career by following their passions. She will miss the nosiglia of seeing the dedication, commitment and care the teachers give their students.

“Teachers are truly invested with their student’s future and what they do beyond high school.” said Mrs. Berkvam

Any ending of the story will always sparks a new beginning, starting for the 19-20 school year Lakeville North will welcome Kim Budde as the new principale. The shoes to fill Mrs. Berkvam place as principal will be a challenge but the one thing she wants Ms. Budde to do is value student safety.

“Doing everything in Ms. Budde ability to keep students safe during school is the number one priority. The last thing students should have to worry about is being unsafe at school. And don’t ever forget to keep it student centered. Because that’s what we’re all here for is the students.” said Mrs. Berkvam

A long but short 13 years flies by fast when you’re having fun. Mrs. Berkvam will be missed by her leadership skills, and audacity to care for others. Like before, the end of one story sparks a new one to begin. Lakeville North will send their warmest welcome to Ms. Budde in the fall and wishes her the best of luck.