JenKai Breaks The Internet

The Korean gossip site Dispatch is notorious for exposing idol couples, and they have already taken their first victims of 2019. Early on January 1, they posted a report claiming EXO’s Kai and BLACKPINK’s Jennie were dating. They even leaked pictures of the alleged dates. YG Entertainment, the company that manages girl group BLACKPINK, said that they didn’t know this was going on and were investigating. Later that morning, SM Entertainment, the company EXO is under, released a statement confirming the rumors.

As EXO is the biggest K-Pop boy group after BTS and BLACKPINK is the biggest girl group internationally. The news rocked the internet, but not necessarily in a bad way. Most fans have been sending messages of support to the two idols. This is unusual, as most dating scandals result in ruthless backlash. Many credit the change in attitude towards idols dating to Hyuna and E’Dawn.

Though there is now support for the couple, the news shocked the internet when it was first revealed, as the pairing seems like one of the most unlikely. Kai and Jennie are from different companies and have had little to no public interaction before. However, many fans have found signs from the past of their relationship.  An example is, both idols were in Paris for Fashion Week. They both posted photos on Instagram in front of the Eiffel Tower. Jennie captioned hers, “Had the most romantic dinner admiring the eiffel tower.”

Some fans are speculating that the whole situation is a publicity stunt by the two companies.The pictures are very clear and it’s odd how they would go out without hiding their identities better. Also, idols aren’t stupid. They can hide their relationships well. Hyuna and E’Dawn were dating for two years before revealing their relationship. However, seeing as SM and YG are rival companies and both have had dating scandals before which have lost them fans and money, this is a questionable theory.

Regardless if it is a fake relationship or not, the majority of fans are just hoping that the couple is happy together.

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