Why Win, When You Can Inspire?

Olivia Ye, Staff Writer

What took many weeks of preparation, paid off when the LNHS Robotics team competed in a regional tournament in North Branch, Minnesota.

The team, Visible Spectrum, consists of eight seniors, Courtney Popp, Ryan Huynh, Aimee Przhelyaskovskiy, Connor Shea, Lauren Snyder, Anna Marie Mitchell, Dexter Hein-Harrison, and Selina Woo. They all put their minds together to come up with a robot for this year’s space theme Rover Ruckus.

During the tournament, we weren’t just competing for how our robot performed and how it was built and designed, we were also judged on how much community outreach we did, and how we presented ourselves, like helping other teams out by lending parts.” said senior Hein-Harrison.

The challenge within robotics this season was each robot had to hang on a lander and needed to collect “minerals” or whiffle balls on the floor then bring the whiffle balls back to the lander and hang once more.

“We came up with a robot named Static, and by stati we mean static electricity. As a joke, our team believes that we control static and static does not control us.” said senior Connor Shea.

It all started when the current team members were sophomores and formed Visible Spectrum, where each member represents a color of the rainbow. Now two years later, the team has grown into a tight knit group of loving friends who support each other while having fun learning about technology.

Woo has been a part of robotics for six years. She has long since been fascinated by robotics and plans to major in engineering in her college career. Other members, like Hein-Harrison, simply participate as a hobby and enjoy socializing with his fellow teammates and friends.

A goal Hein-Harrison wants to accomplish before graduating high school, is to draw in as many underclassmen who are interested in robotics and the intricate process behind it. In order to keep the club growing for years to come. He hopes to inspire them with the unique inventions and their teamwork.

The club balances between technical and non-technical. The technical aspect of robotics includes building, programming, and CADing (Computer Aided Design).

Shea, is Lakeville North’s main CADer. He also works with the 3D printer and designs specific parts for the inventions. Most recently, a phone mount which was showcased in their earliest competition.

“CADing, is a way of designing a mechanical design and testing it online to see if works before you start taking the time to build of it,” said Shea.

LNHS Robotics team is a fun fast paced club that focuses on encouraging each other. In the meantime, who knows. Maybe they’ll bring Lakeville North more inspiration while keeping the interest and attention of the community focused on their creativity and immense determination.