The culture of K-Pop does not let idols date. Publicly, that is. Secrets are hard to keep and occasionally they’ll be a dating scandal. Usually, it will blow over after a while, but the most recent dating scandal has been one of the most messy yet.

On August 2, 2018, HyunA (Kim Hyuna) and E’Dawn (Kim Hyojong) confirmed that they had been in a relationship for two years. The artists were under Cube Entertainment. Hyuna was a soloist and E’Dawn was a rapper and dancer for boy group PENTAGON. They also were in a group called Triple H, with PENTAGON leader Hui.

As with most dating scandals, there was immediately outrage from netizens (internet citizens). Triple H promotions for their latest comeback, Retro Future, were cancelled. Many said they would stop being a fan of PENTAGON, as rookies dating is generally less accepted than seniors dating. As the boy group debuted in 2016 and only have one hit song, Shine. They are still considered to be rookies by most people.

Netizens had mostly forgotten about it when, in early September, Cube announced that they would be firing Hyuna and E’Dawn. This decision probably would have been final, if the company’s stock hadn’t plummeted almost 10 percent after the news. Of course, this is alarming to a business. Just a few hours later, Cube retracted their statement and said that Hyuna and E’Dawn’s future with the company was still in discussion. Until everything was finalized, E’Dawn was put on hiatus from PENTAGON.

On October 15, it was officially announced that Hyuna had left Cube. Hyuna is a bit of a legend in the K-Pop community. Over her 10-year career, she has been in two successful girl groups, Wonder Girls and 4Minute. She was also a part of Trouble Maker, a short-lived but powerful duo. Hyuna was Cube’s most successful artist due to all her achievements, the hashtag #CubeIsOverParty started trending on Twitter.

On November 14, it was confirmed that E’Dawn’s contract with Cube had been terminated and that he had left the company and PENTAGON. Since then, the couple has been extremely active on Instagram. They have been sharing pictures and videos of them on dates, dancing, and making music together. Hyuna has also been posting pictures of her working on gaining weight. After leaving Cube, she stated that she sacrificed her health for the company and her career. She posted a picture on October 19 of her on a scale, which read 43.1 kilograms (about 95 pounds). Standing at 164 centimeters (roughly 5’5”), Hyuna was clearly not at a healthy weight and hopefully after leaving Cube can safely gain weight.

On November 29, Hyuna and E’Dawn made their first public appearance as a couple at Jimmy Choo’s launch event for the diamond sneakers from his 2019 cruise collection.

Over two months after the scandal began, it seems like it has finally been resolved. Fans will have to wait and see what Hyuna and E’Dawn do next in their career, but for now, all that matters is that they’re happy.

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