Tisdale Takes The Stage


Josie Morss , Editor-In-Chief

Suite Life With Zack And Cody sweetheart, high school wannabe, and pop queen, Ashley Tisdale has graced the world with her music. Voices In My Head, a new groundbreaking single highlights a life surrounded by chronic depression and anxiety. The new song and upcoming album, Symptoms, offers an authentic version of Ashley that’s been historically suppressed by society’s expectations. The unapologetic uniqueness in Tisdale’s recent hit has created a sense of comfort within the hearts of many and has set the precedent for self love within the music industry and throughout the world.

It’s been nearly a decade since Tisdale released any music, since Guilty Pleasure. A pop-rock album tangled with young rebelliousness and illicit tales of wild nights under the influence of teenage angst. Her debut album, Headstrong, topped the social scene as a celebrated dance album. Currently, her four year dedication to Symptoms is portraying the Tisdale pop sound, similar to its sister albums. But unlike the others, Symptoms harbors darker themes of depression and anxiety.

“I think this is something the world needs right now,” said Tisdale in an interview with Billboard, promoting her new song. “If I can make someone feel less alone, then I’m doing my job as an artist.”

Symptoms, an individualistic showcase of Tisdale’s maturity and freedom over her music, accentuates her immense genuinity through her strong beliefs of self love, erasing the traditional stigma of mental health, and becoming vulnerable to not only herself, but to her fans.

“I know for sure it’s the most authentic album I’ve ever done,” said Tisdale in talking with AOL about her album development. “Actually, it’s the most authentic thing I’ve ever done in my career. It’s very personal.”

Tisdale’s act of candor connects her to a world of people, begging for a glimmer of rawness in the fast paced world of the super famous. In her honesty, she abandoned the mask which hid her, drew the curtain that enabled her limited freedom, and reveled in the joyous occasion of finally being unapologetically Ashley. Quirks and all.