Thrill Ride For Crazy Rich Asians


Nick Young and Rachel Chu, snuggle up for The Crazy Rich Asians movie poster.

Olivia Ye , Staff Writer

It’s been one non-stop thrill ride for feature film Crazy Rich Asians. The million dollar blockbuster Crazy Rich Asians, is based on the international bestseller by Kevin Kwan. Kwan’s novel tells  the life of a young Chinese-American woman named Rachel Chu. Chu, a NYU economics professor is living her life to the fullest thanks to her successful career and personal achievements. She’s constantly supported by the love and support of her family and friends. Especially, her gorgeous boyfriend Nick Young. Rachel and Nick have been dating for over a year and he finally popped the question. Well, not “the” question but instead asks her if she wants to spend the summer in his home country, Singapore.

Rachel immediately agrees and is excited to meet his “traditional” Asian family. What was supposed to be a relaxing, dull trip turned out to be way more than what she expected. To her surprise, Nick comes from the wealthiest family in all of Asia and is one the country’s most eligible bachelors. Now, she must compete with jealous heirs, eccentric relatives and worse of all, Nick’s disapproving mother.

Crazy Rich Asians stars Constance Wu (Rachel Chu) and Henry Golding (Nick Young) and other Asian cast members like Michelle Yeoh and Ken Jeong. Most impressively, the movie features the first all Asian cast since Joy Luck Club, 25 years ago. The Asian-American community appreciated the film’s all Asian cast and how the cast embraced their cultural identity one hundred percent. This helped settle self consciousness for people who feel uneasy about their cultural identity.

It’s easy for Asian Americans to feel uncomfortable about their culture when it seems like the usual Hollywood “Asian stereotype” is  portrayed as the weird sidekick or the unlucky character in a movie. A parent of Asian American descent, from the website Common Sense Media shared her thoughts on why it’s important for today’s society.  

“I wanted my daughters to see Asians on the big screen speaking in English who are not the laughing stock of the room, the nerdy tech guy, or the main characters’ nice friend. Instead, my Chinese American girls can see people who look like them in a wide range of crazy situations!”

Not only did parents have lots to say about the importance of Asian Culture in today’s society but so does the director of the film, Jon M. Chu. Chu shared his thoughts with Vanity Fair.

“Making this movie meant so much to me as a filmmaker, to go though and deal with the most personal thing in my life my cultural identity. To do it on this scale with an all Asian cast for the first time in years and the first time in a Hollywood movie where there is a romantic contemporary Asian- American couple means a lot to me. To see the community come out and root for this movie has changed my whole life.”

In a world where society can shy away from personal uniqueness and cultural identity it’s vital for people to see and experience variety of cultures and embrace them whole heartedly.