The Creation of the Historical Society: “There is something for everyone”


Lainie Deutsch , Staff Writer

American History is a required class for most Americans, and most immigrants coming to America need to know more than we ever learn in our classes. That doesn’t mean Americans retain much of what we learn, however. Studies have shown that most people retain 10% of information they hear and 30% of information they hear and see. However, you retain 90% of what you hear, see, and do. One way to ‘do’ history is by joining Lakeville North’s Historical Society.

Club founders Alyssa Arnold, Mason Braasch, and Andrea Schiefelbein certainly agree. Now in its second year, the Historical Society is a club full of activities, facts, and interacting with history.

“It’s just an environment for people who enjoy the aspects of history, but without it being an actual history class,” Arnold said. “We do a lot of activities like games and we watch videos and just try to create a fun environment for people to be emerged into the historical environment.”

With a look at their Twitter page, one can glimpse the variety of activities that happen within Historical Society. Pictures show holiday parties, games, and even a heated debate over the most attractive historical figure. Whether it be the Revolutionary War or the Watergate scandal, all three club leaders assure that there is something for everyone within the Historical Society.

“Since APUSH was the class that kind of drove this club to start, I think the main focus of the club is American History,” Schiefelbein says. “But I took AP Euro, so we do certain things like that, and [Arnold and Braasch] took AP World so we like to kind of tie it all together.”

Now seniors, Arnold, Braasch, and Schiefelbein created the Historical Society after realizing there was no club for history lovers during their sophomore year.

“It started as a joke,” Braasch says. “Like, ‘we should make a club like the founding fathers did!’ And then we did.”

The club’s first meeting alone has shown how much larger the club has gotten. From Freshman to Seniors, interest is growing in the Historical Society.

“A lot of people hate history when they think about it in school.” Says Arnold. “We wanted to make it more of a fun thing rather than a boring class.”

The first club meeting of the year was on September 20th, and the club founders are planning on another one soon. Follow their Twitter (@historicalsocln) for updates, pictures, and club meeting dates.