Kindness Can Go a Long Way | Best Buddies


Abbie Nelson and her Best Buddy, Helen Lane. The two made their fabulous homecoming pants together.

Olivia Ye , Staff Writer

Most people can agree leadership is a voice ery important skill to have in their lifetimes. It’s scary getting out of the safe bubble of a comfort zone, but in the end it benefits all of us. Being a dependable individual, having initiative, being reliable, and having compassion are essential skills for life. A special club at Lakeville North, showcases all these qualities and possess strong leadership and that is Best Buddies.

Best Buddies is a non – profit organization. It consists of volunteers that create opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  While some may think Best Buddies is just an average club that meets once a week, there’s much more outstanding meaning that only regular attendees know. Senior Abbie Nelson, Vice President of Best Buddies thinks people often bypass Best Buddies because they are uncomfortable interacting with disabled students. While in reality, it is the most beneficial, loving group to be involved with at Lakeville North.

“Best Buddies is really important because it promotes inclusion and acceptance for everyone. No matter who the person is or what makes them different. Best Buddies makes sure everyone has a friend and a person to count on. With so much negativity in the world today, I think it’s awesome to have an organization based on such positive values and goals.” said Abbie Nelson.

Abbie has been apart of Best Buddies since sixth grade. The program was new to Century Middle School but she joined out of curiosity.

“As soon as I got involved in BB, I realized how infectiously happy all the buddies are and how fun it was to hang out with tons of people I’d never met, that’s what made me want to stay involved,” said Abbie Nelson.

Ever since her first encounter in sixth grade friendships have flourished throughout the years. She recently helped the buddies make homecoming pants to celebrate traditional festivities at LNHS. Best Buddies isn’t just a group formed on the foundation of making friends, having open mindedness, and being joyful in the moment. It even teaches people that kindness can go a long way.

“A simple smile to your buddy or having them sit with you at lunch can make such a positive impact on their day, and in turn, betters your day too.”

As Abbie finishes up her high school career, she hopes to see Best Buddies at Lakeville North grow even more. She hopes people will remember to be as inclusive as possible.

“I hope that more people include their buddy in their daily life. This means talking to them regularly, sitting with them at lunch, and hanging out. A buddy is just like any other friend you have and I hope that people in Best Buddies will continue to foster those close relationships that make everyone at LNHS has a friend to count on, no matter their differences or disabilities.”

Best Buddies is far more than a regular high school club, it’s a family. It’s a family that believes in close friendships with reliable people, exercising kindness, and preaching positivity. Best Buddies values are sure to serve the student body well through high school and into the future as long as no one forgets, kindness goes a long way.