Dynasty in the Making

Adam Tremblay, Editor-in-Chief

Back to back to back to back to back to back and now poised for another, the Lakeville North Boys Basketball team has been building a dynasty over the past decade. The team has become a regular in the state tournament, making appearances every year since the 2011/2012 season, including three state championship appearances with a state championship win in 2014.

“We have been blessed with great players,” says head coach John Oxton. “It has raised the level of the program.” Oxton has been coaching the Panthers for 28 years and has led them to nine section championships, including six in a row.

“Oxton uses the same motivation that he has used in the past to keep the tradition of success,” says senior forward Cole Andersen. They have achieved this six year streak by having great players and this is due to a combination of offseason work and working on their own, according to Oxton. The work put in by the players has shown over the last seven seasons and continues to show today as the Panthers earned the number one seed in their section and have been ranked in the top ten for most of the season.

This season’s success has been “nothing special,” says Oxton. “We just play like we know how to.”

The players also share this idea. “We just don’t get worked up with the high expectations,” says Andersen. “We use it as a motivating factor to prove we belong.”

Oxton states that he is proud of the team’s efforts this season and that they have done a good job of continuing the expectations and history of Lakeville North Basketball. “This team has just continued to show a high level of excellence,” says Oxton.