Marching Across the Country; Lakeville North Band Takes on Orlando

Kaden Ofstad, Staff member


Every other year, the Lakeville North Marching Band travels out of state to march alongside numerous other bands from all around the country. During the most recent trip in 2017-18, the band explored what Orlando has to offer. Facing a grueling 30 hour bus ride to and from the city, many argue the long, exhausting ride is definitely worth the experience.


Trips like these serve an important role in making memories that last a lifetime, and Maddie Rowe, a junior in the Lakeville North band, shares a couple of her own stories. This is her second time partaking in the trip.


“While we were waiting for our turn in the Citrus Bowl Parade, we got to meet a few college bands,” Rowe said. “ I talked to the tuba section in the Louisiana State University band, and their warm ups sounded like a performance. It really made me want to continue with band when I go to college.”


Multiple students proceed to explain how these trips motivate them to continue pursuing band throughout the rest of their school years, just as Rowe felt. Even if some students don’t plan to further their band skills and instead pursue a different career, the experience alone has made students want to explore different cultures and embark upon new endeavors.


However, the experiences and sightseeing weren’t the only factors that played into the enjoyment. Travelling alongside close friends has proven to make the experience even more memorable. Sydney Gelhorn, a sophomore in the Lakeville North band, shares how she feels about this idea.


“It was different this year because the band was smaller, but that has its pros and cons,” Gelhorn says. I think the trip increased my passion for band because I got to become closer with so many other people in band, and it makes me want to stay in the band for as long as possible!”


Made apparent by many of the band members, the smallest, most insignificant occurrences make a huge impact on someone’s life. Some even look back and wonder why these occurrences matter so much, but some choose to embrace them as a part of themselves.


“On the last day in Disney, the whole band watched the fireworks in Magic Kingdom,” Rowe explains. “Some people got stuck on the monorail trying to get there, including our tour guide, so we had everyone who bought a lightsaber hold it up so the rest of the members could find our group!”


The overall enthusiasm towards the trip was certainly not lacking. Upon their march home, many members of the Lakeville North band found great value and meaning during their venture to Orlando.