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Lakeville North’s choir, Now & Then help bag groceries at a local Cub Foods

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for Now & Then

‘Tis the season to be jolly, as many would say, but for members of Now & Then (Lakeville North’s a cappella group), ‘tis the season of worn out voices. As much of a joy it is to hear the group sing their hearts out in harmonious chords, the hectic schedule shows how commitment is a necessity. With nearly 20 singing events over the course of December, it’s an obligation to keep vocals in relatively good shape; which some vocalists have found to be quite a challenge.


Is the enjoyment worth all of the hard work and singing? Multiple members of Now & Then shared their personal opinions and experiences, including Stephen Hatt, a senior in the a cappella group. “This group has changed my entire High School experience,” said Hatt. “The people I’ve met and the memories I have are something I will always remember.”

Throughout the holiday season, Now & Then sing songs at various events

Over the years, the a cappella group has been establishing bonds with one another, each year welcoming different members than the last. Isaac Heilman, a senior in Now & Then, explains, “no matter what, as long as everyone is positive about singing, it is enjoyable. I have realized that it is as fun as you make it, no matter who is in the group.”


The question many people have been asking is whether the Christmas spirit is lost from the repetitive caroling. Senior, Jake Casperson provides some insight to the overall feeling of the group during this time of the year. “ If you let the mindset of ‘we’re doing these same songs again’ get to you, it will lose amusement.” Casperson explains. “This time of year is great, because everyone becomes so much closer as a group, which helps keep amusement up. Overall amusement is never lost if you don’t try to think about any negatives.”


Even when the Christmas season came to a close, there’s no doubt that the past Now & Then members grew closer through their jam-packed schedules. “It came to a point where I absolutely hate missing a gig that we have, even if it seems super small,” said Casperson. “Now & Then will always be one of my best and most cherished memories.”


Chloe Mutebi, another senior in the group, shares her opinion about the Now & Then’s impact. “Although we all come from different backgrounds and vary in other activities, we are all able to come together as one through song,” Mutebi says. “That’s especially what I love about this group, through song we are able to be a positive and uplifting force in our community!”


Music has the unexplainable power of bringing individuals together, much like bringing notes together to form harmonies. A prime example that gives this point a deeper meaning is shown in the a cappella group. Now & Then adds another important aspect that makes Lakeville North so extraordinary, contributing qualities diverse from any other school.

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