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Sophomore Kat Vandenbos started the Women of Now club at Lakeville North.

Sophomore Kat Vandenbos started the Women of Now club at Lakeville North.

Sophomore hopes to start conversation with new club

Women of Now (WON), a club recently created by Katerina Vandenbos (sophomore), hopes to create a space for positive and productive discourse regarding feminism.

Vandenbos says she saw a need for this club because “the atmosphere at Lakeville North is not very inclusive…I thought this [club] would be a great way for people…to change the atmosphere within the school…making a more comfortable environment for everybody.”

Vandenbos hopes that this club will be a place where people can “discuss how they feel about the current environment.” Specifically, talking about the environment at Lakeville North and the local community. The club will discuss how sexism is present in school and how global issues can affect club members. She hopes to incite change by inviting speakers and writing letters to local representatives. The Women of Now club hopes it can have a positive impact on the school environment, encouraging all students, regardless of gender,  to support each other and discuss contemporary issues.

In the informational meeting (September 27th), topics brought up by students include catcalling, dress code, and the gossiping culture. Various members acknowledged how harmful mean-spirited rumors can be to each other and considered how to personally decrease their own gossiping.

A common misconception about feminism or feminist clubs is that they are solely about changes that have to be made . This club isn’t just about problems. Vandenbos points out that when “women are being treated [well] we will talk about [it]!”  The club will celebrate victories while acknowledging problems. Feminism, and the club, also tries to promote girls supporting girls. In the informational meeting there was already an enthusiastic conversation about female role models like Michelle Obama, Malala Yousafzai, and Beyoncé. The future meetings will take place bi-monthly, with the informational meeting having taken place September 27th and the first meeting having taken place October 25th. The promising first sessions suggest that the Women of Now club has a bright and hopeful future ahead.

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