Lakeville North Student Council hosts blood drive

Adam Tremblay, Editor

On Friday, May 19, Student Council hosted a blood drive in the Lakeville North gym.

They were helped by the American Red Cross who provided the supplies to make the blood drive possible. But it was student council who planned and executed the whole thing. They would go out and get people to sign up, they bought the food and juice, and they would sit with the students giving blood.

According to Student council advisor, Julie Cutshall, the whole thing is run by the students.

“The kids just make everything happen,” said Cutshall. “It’s really cool.”

One job the students have is getting other students to sign up to give blood, but, according to Cutshall, that is never a problem for them.

“It’s kind of a write of passage,” said Cutshall. “They just love being part of the buzz.”

She described the how bad students want to donate by saying that the students that get turned down are very upset.

“People just want to donate,” said student council member Lydia Bermel.

There was so many students that wanted to donate that Cutshall said she even had to turn some people down.
“I just wanted to try new things,” said first time donator, Alex Tobias.