Lake Liner dance team ready to give their best performance of the season


Lake Liner Seniors pose at a competition. From left to right: Alainna Lewis, Leah Eggan, Anna Hammer, Beth Bowerman, Kailey McCollough and Abbie Zell.

Katie Harff, Editor-in-Chief

The members of the Lake Liner dance team know they can’t control the outcome of how they place at sections this Saturday, but they are confident they will give the best two performances of their season.

In order for the Lake Liners to advance to state in either their kick or jazz dance, they need to place in the top three.  The team got 3rd in kick and 4th in jazz at conference on December 17th at Rosemount High School.

“It’s been so neck and neck all season it’s just going to come down to that day between all the teams,” Senior Captain Leah Eggan said.

Along with fellow Senior Captains Beth Bowerman and Abbie Zell, the three are in agreement that they want to prove their hard work was worth it.

“I’m excited all of our hard work is going to pay off,” said Eggan, “That is the total cheesy go to answer, but it’s so true because every moment of our season goes towards this competition and it’s the biggest one.”

Of course they are hoping for successful, but the team has also been putting in work to give them more than just hopes.

“We’ve had a really good practice week and every day has been really beneficial so i feel prepared,” Senior Kailey McCollough said.

The week before sections is very important, but advancing to state has been a goal since the first day of the season.

“Everything we’ve done this week and the weeks leading up to now have definitely prepared us and we’re definitely where we need to be,” Zell said.

The Lake Liner’s coaches are given credit for most of the success and confidence the team has had throughout the season and leading up to this Saturday.

“They’ve done everything they can to prepare us,” Zell said.

It’s easy for any coach to push their team too far, but that isn’t the case with the Lake Liners.

“They know how to push us to the limit without making it too much,” McCollough said, “They know what we can do and push us a little bit farther than what is easy.”

Part of the team’s feeling of preparedness is because they are prepared in more ways than one.

“The coaches are very good at preparing us mentally and physically because physically we’re in shape, but they help us deal with the mental anxiety before a performance,” Bowerman said.

Saturday’s results are unknown, but that won’t stop the Lake Liners from giving it their all.

“We know we’re ready to give the best performance we’ve had all season it’s just going to come down to what the judges see because it’s anyone’s game at this point,” Zell said.