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Students giving in to the latest trend: PopSockets

There always seems to be a way to make the latest technology even better and the iPhone might have just found it’s partner in crime.

The popular PopSocket  serves many multiple purposes.  It pops out whenever you need a stand, grip, earbud holder, or just simply something to entertain yourself with. They come in many different colors and patterns. You can order them on Amazon or Pop Socket’s website for a reasonable price.

It appears many students are starting to use the new gadget. With all the unique designs and it’s convenient purposes, the inexpensive gadget can suit anyone with big or small phones.

Freshman Olivia Plotnick is the one who caught onto the new trend.

“I wanted one because of its practical use and wanted to see what all the buzz was about,” Plotnick said.

Plotnick likes it because she does not have to worry about dropping her phone and it is more secure in her hand while taking group pictures.

“I am so use to having it be readily available and it would be weird if it was not there,” Plotnick said.

Freshman Sophie Shankey has yet to get her hands on the new PopSocket, but has definitely noticed the trend.

“They are not a necessity but they are very helpful for many reasons,” Shankey said.

For a reasonable price, PopSockets are fun, handy and seem to have captivated everyone’s attention.

“I’ll be getting one soon,” Shankey said.

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