Senior slide: Myth or fact?


A shot from one of Morgan Malecha’s many photoshoots.

Katie Harff, Editor-in-Chief

The term ‘Senior Slide’ seems to be something everyone knows about and looks forward to from the minute they walk into their High School’s doors, but how easy is it to slide if you’re simultaneously trying to plan the next four years of your life?

Not everyone goes to college after their high school years come to a close, but those who decide to further their education put a fair amount of work into making that happen.

Senior Taylor Bauman toured 17 schools all over the country this past summer in hopes of discovering where she will continue her education.

“Going on college tours was a lot especially if we had to take a plane, it took a lot of time,” Bauman said.

Unfortunately, the college process doesn’t stop after touring.  What comes next is the application process, which has become a lengthy one for Bauman.

“I have applied to 5 but will probably apply to 15 because I’m indecisive so I’m postponing making the decision until later,” Bauman said.

The day a student walks into their first day of freshman year marks the day the repeated message of “your high schools years fly by” begins and it doesn’t stop.  We’re all told to enjoy senior year and not wish it away, but the act of applying to colleges takes a significant chunk of a senior’s time.

“I’m definitely not senior sliding,” Bauman said.  “I spend a lot of my time outside of school applying to colleges because it takes a lot of time with essays and everything.”

Morgan Malecha, another Senior at North, recently made the decision to move to New York City next year to pursue her modeling career.

It’s become an assumption that everyone is going to go to college, but Malecha is excited to do something different and not deal with all the college essays.

“This year I’m sliding a lot more than other years,” Malecha said.

Malecha is going in a different direction than many of her friends and it’s evident that those who are going to college spend their time doing different things.

“A lot of my friends this year are taking more AP classes than usual because they are trying to look impressive for colleges, Malecha said. “This year I’m sliding a lot more than other years”

Malecha gets to spend her time really enjoying senior year, instead of focusing on applications.

“Since I’m going so far away I want to make sure I take in my senior year, hang out with my friends and take in all the school activities because I won’t get that college experience that everyone is getting,” Malecha said.

Bauman and Malecha are both in the same place in life right now, but headed in completely different directions. The myth of the senior slide can be true for some, but it’s not as easy as it sounds when preparing for college.

“Now that I know I’m not going to college, I’m taking the slide into effect,” Malecha said.