Lakeville superintendent to resign at end of school year

Adam Tremblay, Sports Editor

Lakeville Area Public Schools’ superintendent Dr. Lisa Snyder has announced that she will be resigning at the end of this school year and the Board of Education accepted her resignation on November 22nd.

After her sixth year as the superintendent she will no longer be in Lakeville Area Public Schools’, starting on June 30th, allowing her to expand and move onto different things.

The Lakeville Public Schools released a statement giving a brief history of Snyder’s education career and a list of accomplishments she achieved during her time here at Lakeville, some of which include a 95% graduation rate, aided in the creation of Lakeville’s first hybrid choice/neighborhood school, and addressing the large class sizes.

The teachers at Lakeville North recognize what she has done during her time here as well.

“She pushed and gained alternate ways to educate, such as online education” said history teacher Eric Gassman. “For better or worse, there’s more options.”

The Board of Education will be on the lookout for a new superintendent in the coming weeks.

The students don’t have a say in who is chosen, but they do have a certain type of person in mind.

“I want a superintendent that is serious about education, but is relaxed about the small details,” said junior Sean Mangan.