Best Buddies Spices up their Halloween

Kaitlyn Peterson reaching for candy.  Photo by Katie Harff.

Kaitlyn Peterson reaching for candy. Photo by Katie Harff.

Katie Harff, Editor-in-Chief

From left to right: Alyssa Hanson, Emma Simon, Carly Sprung, Tatum Blosser and Marissa Keeley at Trunk or Treat. Photo by Katie Harff

Each year, the Best Buddies club at Lakeville North celebrates Halloween with costumes and candy, but last Friday they celebrated by doing something they had never done before: Trunk or Treat.

This year’s Best Buddies presidents, seniors Brooke Whitaker and Danielle Eury, decided it was time to change things up and brought this new idea to the table that they got from an international conference they attended in Indiana this past summer.

“When we were in Indiana we had a conference where we all came up with different ideas of things we could do to spice up our chapters,” Eury said.

Trunk or treat was just one of the ideas in the mix.

The whole idea of Trunk or Treat is that some of the students would decorate the trunks of their cars, put bowls of candy in the trunks, line them up in the parking lots and then the buddies would go ‘Trunk or Treating.’

“I thought it was a great idea, but i was a little nervous about kids in the parking lot,” the head of the Best Buddies program Sandra Fitzgerald said.

So Whitaker and Eury, along with four other officers, offered up their cars and thought of a solution in hopes of making this a successful event.

“We couldn’t do it in the parking lot or go in the grass so we had to be creative and park on the sidewalk,” Whitaker said.

This was the first time Best Buddies has done something different for their Halloween event in a long time and there weren’t any complaints.

Photo by Katie Harff

“I have heard a lot of people say this was the best event ever and they loved the trunks,” Fitzgerald said.

The Buddies had fun Trunk or Treating and so did the Presidents and Officers.

“My favorite part was standing out by my car and watching the people come up and say “trick or treat” it was super cute,” Eury said.

It’s safe to say this year’s President’s successfully spiced up this year’s event.

“We had more than enough candy to go around and I think everyone had a good time,” Whitaker said.