Column: Is being on Homecoming Court worth the hype?

Nora Rasmussen with her Homecoming Court partner, Jake Simmons.

Nora Rasmussen with her Homecoming Court partner, Jake Simmons.

Nora Rasmussen , Staff Writer

“Jake Simmons escorting Nora Rasmussen.”

Walking down the aisle was a breeze. I was happy to be there and just to be apart of the homecoming court process. Getting to this point however, took some getting used to.

Walking into school that Monday morning and seeing my name, written first, on the poster, I honestly wasn’t sure what to think or feel. My friends were happy and told me they were proud and all the mushy things your best friends are required to say to you. After I sat down in first hour, I was feeling good and realized it wasn’t a huge deal. Being on Homecoming court would affect two weeks of my senior year, and then it would be over. I was excited to participate in all the activities and to wear a pretty dress with heels. “Perfect!” I thought, “Just a few activities then a walk down the aisle, easy.” I love Lakeville North and going here for four years truly have been some of the best years in my life thus far. What nobody warned me of was all the negativity I was going to receive.

People would talk, eyes would roll and I suddenly realized this wouldn’t be as easy as I thought. Of course I knew this whole situation was out of my control, but I’m still human and I still have feelings. I was very caught off guard and wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do. When I got home I immediately told my mom what had happened that day. I was confused because I didn’t think it was going to be as big of a deal as people made it out to be. She then proceeded to tell me I just had to ignore it and enjoy every second. The next day I went about my business and only paid attention to the people who genuinely cared and were happy for me. I felt so much better about the situation. After I came to the conclusion that being on court was a bigger deal to some people then it was to me, I was able to enjoy myself and have fun with the other people on court.

Do I think being on Homecoming Court is worth the hype? Well, I had fun and I love our school, so representing it was an honor. I was thankful that my peers even thought to put my name down on the little white slip of paper. However, so many people would’ve done anything, and I mean anything to make it on court. Although all the activities were fun and I made some new friends, being an observer would have made homecoming week just as enjoyable in my eyes.

Plus, that way I could’ve skipped getting whip-creamed in the face.