Kanye West Brings Spectacular Energy to St. Paul


Photo by Mars Von Eschen

Mars Von Eschen, Staff Writer

Kanye West’s show at the Xcel Energy Center was full of energy and excitement. After an hour and twenty minutes of waiting, the audience went crazy when the lights went off and the music started playing. There was cheering and yelling from every direction.

The performance, which was done on a suspended stage floating above the crowd, was full of religious symbolism, much like his latest album. At one point in the show, a spotlight appeared on Kanye, giving him the appearance of a religious figure. At another point, everyone on the ground floor put their arms up towards him like they were worshipping.

The show, which was one hundred minutes long, never lost its energy, with fans especially loud in songs like, “Famous,” “Touch the Sky,” and “Black Skinhead.”  They even sang the entire closing minute of “Heartless.”

The closing song was “Ultralight Beam,” and was a brilliant finale to the performance.