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Stranger Things are Coming

Selina Woo, Staff Writer

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There’s nothing strange about Stranger Things creeping its way all over the internet. People have absolutely adored this show, and that’s because it’s nothing short of storytelling and heart wrenching brilliance. In a small town in Indiana set in 1983, where nothing ever happens, a sweet boy named Will comes home late at night after playing games that consists of fighting monsters and demons with his middle school best friends. His mom and brother aren’t home, and his sixth sense strongly tells him that something is wrong, so he hides out in the shack behind his house. Out of the blue, the lights start flickering like mad, and when it stops…Will is gone. When this sweet boy suddenly goes missing, stranger things start to happen. His panicked and over worried mom starts to hear Will, and still thinks he is in the house, while a reckless sheriff investigates. At the same time, that Will’s three best nerd friends try to find Will on their own, and end up meeting one very peculiar little girl.

Stranger Things is a very terrifying adventure! Though also an entertaining, edge of your seat experience,  filled to the brim with lovable characters. It consists of  tear worthy moments, laugh out loud jokes, and unexpected plot turns, where the element of surprise is waiting at every corner.  This production is a beautiful masterpiece with twisty, dark secrets, and mystery, but what makes it unique are the characters, who show true love for family and friends, and exactly how far people are willing to go to get someone they love back.

The storytelling was nothing short of absolute brilliance, with its purposefully weaved flashbacks, that are told from many perspectives, so the audience gets to slowly piece this puzzle together, all while slowly wading into a murky swamp of lurking dangers. It’s enjoyable and relatable to everyone, no matter what their age is. Set in 1983, people of older generations can relate to a lifestyle without many advanced gadgets, where kids bike everywhere, and play with each other instead of with their iPads. At the same time, people who are still growing up can relate to the friendship dynamics between the four geeky middle school boys may who struggle to fit in at school, but can always feel at home with each other, and perhaps learn a thing or two about what it was like growing up in the ‘80s.

The four 10 year old boys, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Will, are nerds for life, but most importantly, best friends for life. Even though they fight a lot and make snarky comments to each other all the time, they will do anything to help each other out. The character development isn’t very obvious, but it’s there, as the boys learn to navigate adolescence and learn to bounce back from the pressure that these strange events put on their relationships. These boys create a comedic and genius team that viewers won’t stop rooting for! To say the least, these eight episodes are an absolute delight, and perfect show to watch to get into the spirit for Halloween.

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Stranger Things are Coming