Nothing can stop teens from loving Target

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Katie Harff, Editor-in-Chief

Even though millions of Target customers had their personal information hacked, teens still seem to love every aspect of Target from the Holiday themed dollar section to the variety of other items Target carries, even if it’s items they don’t need.

“Target has anything and everything you could ever wish for, no lie,” said Senior, Brooke Whitaker.

Senior Andrew Jensen agreed by saying “I normally get things I don’t really need.”

Target is a one shop stop and it’s easy to get more than what you came for.

“I always go in for random things, but I never leave without getting a new lipstick,” said Senior Kailey McCollough.

According to the Washington Post, 70 million shoppers during last holiday season not only had their credit card information hacked, but their personal information as well which can create quite the opportunity for identity theft.

“The breach was alarming,” said Andrew Jensen, a Senior at Lakeville North.

An article in USA Today explains that customer traffic took a sharp decline after the breach, which many people got over in the months following, but there is still a small part of the population that will never shop there again.

Not included in this section of people is many teenagers.

“I didn’t hear about the breach in target’s system, but nothing could stop me from shopping at target anyway,” said McCollough

Teens seem to have a loyal bond to Target that they could never break.

“I heard about the credit card hacks, but I just went for it anyway because there was no way I was going to go to Walmart or something,” said Whitaker.

Target must be happy the teenage population not avoiding their stores after the breach because only a few seem to leave empty handed.

“I go in for one thing and end up spending $100 dollars,” said Whitaker.

If another breach happens anytime soon, it looks like Target won’t be losing their teen shoppers.

“Target has everything and it is my happy place,” said McCollough.