Fast Start and No Signs of Stopping

The Lakeville North varsity football team starts the season with three consecutive wins and show no signs of stopping

Adam Tremblay, Sports Editor

The North varsity football team starts the new season with wins against East Ridge, Eagan, and Burnsville and are looking to continue their winning trend going forward.

Their ultimate goal is to win state, but varsity coach Brian Vossen says “a realistic goal for us is to be able to play each game for that game.” Vossen believes that if his team can perform one week at a time, they can reach their goal of becoming state champions.

Another key for Vossen is getting a top seed in their conference.

“It makes a huge difference the way that the playoff system is set up now,” he says. But even though he knows getting a top seed is key, he stressed that an even bigger key is for his players to be “good dudes on and off the field.” Vossen says he sees a direct connection between how kids act off the field and how they play on the field. According to him, the emphasis on character leads to their success.

North has been known for their success as a football program and this team is no different. Vossen described them as resilient because of the way that these players have developed into leaders despite the fact that they were not all picked at a young are to be as good as they are now. Vossen summed it up saying “we don’t have a lot of division one players, but what we have is a group of kids that play really well together.”

“It’s just a good group of guys to play with,” says senior offensive lineman Brent Laing. “It’s fun to play for Lakeville North.”

This year’s team, according to Vossen, is more run-oriented than most because of the personnel they have, like star halfback Wade Sullivan and skilled offensive lineman like Laing. “ He makes the whole team better,” said Laing on Sullivan.

Vossen knows that he can rely on his team to take the field each week, show their resiliency and win football games because according to him “they’re all sick bro.”