Lakeville North Faith Clubs combine to create unity


LNFC Officers speak to students at the first meeting. Photo by Emma Hadacek

Katie Harff, Editor-in-Chief

The city of Lakeville may have two high schools, but that does not mean it lacks a sense of unity, which the 2016 Lakeville North faith club has proved by making a decision to combine the originally two separate clubs.

Lakeville North High School used to be home to two faith clubs;  FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) and FMC (Friday Morning Connections).  This year there is one club, LNFC (Lakeville North Faith Club).

The Lakeville North Faith Club had their first meeting to kick off the year Friday morning and the 2016 LNFC senior officers, Nora Rasmussen, Paige Andrews, Caleb Rosenthal, Maddie Koepp, Daniel Fenske, Danie Eury and Jeremy Ziemer, made a point to address why there are no longer two clubs.

“We combined the clubs/names to provide a greater sense of community,” said Maddie Koepp, one of the Senior Officers.

Having two clubs created a bit of a divide which is not what these officers want.

“It didn’t make sense to have FCA anymore because our club has grown so much that it’s not just for athletes anymore,” said Danie Eury, one of the Senior Officers.

Having one club also means weekly meetings, instead of having to switch off every week.

“It makes it easier as we now meet every Friday that we have school,” said Paige Andrews, one of the officers.

In addition to a sense of unity, these officers all want this year to be more exciting for all the students who attend.

“We changed the format of the meeting to give bigger variety of speakers, discussion and fun,” said Koepp

By combining the two clubs, LNFC did loose a bit of the personal touch of FMC has because it was a smaller group of students that met.

Andrews said, they will be having small groups to make sure we keep it interactive.

Although the officers created the sense of unity by combining the clubs, they want there to be unity within their faiths as well.

“I hope I meet new people to talk about the lord with so there can be more of a support system,” said Nora Rasmussen, one of the Senior Officers.

Caleb Rosenthal, one of the Senior Officers, hopes that those who attend don’t just feel like they are a part of something, but that they also learn to be kind in their daily lives.

“We want to offer a place to come on Friday mornings where everyone is welcomed and loved,” said Koepp.