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Harff: Internet ‘back at it again’ bringing fame to the untalented

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Photo via Twitter/@josholzz

Photo via Twitter/@josholzz


Well, the age of technology has done it again: we made someone famous who doesn’t have talent.

Within the past week a certain video has dominated social media.

The video consists of multiple clips taken from a Snapchat story that were strung together.

The clips are of a teenage boy walking past the camera; each clip a different day and a different outfit.

His friend, Josh, is heard in the back saying “damn Daniel” each time.  Daniel wore his white vans in multiple clips so Josh also repeats “damn Daniel back at it again with the white vans” on some of the clips.

Similar to the Alex from Target phenomenon, both Daniel and Josh have already been on Ellen.  That’s right; two boys posted one video that took no more talent than being able to hit record and they made it on The Ellen Degeneres Show.

Photo courtesy of

Daniel and Josh on the Ellen Show. Photo courtesy of

Most people don’t think it’s fair that people are achieving fame by doing practically nothing, which I don’t disagree with.  But, we honestly need to laugh at it and embrace this fast paced, social media culture we live in.

This trend of become internet famous is something unique to this generation and this time period.  Your kids are going to read about this in their history textbooks someday, so don’t put it to shame.

Laugh at the simplicity of it all, hope you’re the next rising star and don’t buy a pair of white vans until this video dies down.

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Harff: Internet ‘back at it again’ bringing fame to the untalented