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Adele: The world’s sweetheart

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Adele: The world’s sweetheart

Adele performs on Saturday Night Live Nov. 21st 2015

Adele performs on Saturday Night Live Nov. 21st 2015

Adele performs on Saturday Night Live Nov. 21st 2015

Adele performs on Saturday Night Live Nov. 21st 2015

Katie Harff, Staff Writer

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Adele’s first album, 19, came out in 2008 and became instantly popular in the UK and the US.  This popularity meant songs off album 19 made their way to the radio.

The first time Grady McGovern got a taste of Adele came while listening to the radio in his car.  As soon as he heard it, he “instantly loved it.”

McGovern is an art teacher at Lakeville North and South High School.  He has been an Adele fan from the start and his love for her music hasn’t faded with her release of her new album 25.  

“Her voice is so powerful and she sings with so much emotion,” said McGovern.

Adele’s lyrics often tell a story from her life experiences, which McGovern appreciates.

“She gets you to feel something when listening to her music,” said McGovern

25 was released on November 20th, 2015 and is at no. 1 for the fourth week in a row, according to billboard.  The music video for Adele’s single ‘Hello’ is the fastest video to hit one billion views.  Something like that can only happen if you have an insane amount of fans.

Part of Adele’s success is due to her appeal across a variety of age groups.  She doesn’t target certain age groups.  She sings what she writes herself.  It just happens that a wide variety of people like it.  Since she writes her music herself, she isn’t singing what Hollywood wants her to sing.

The older generation doesn’t find her obnoxious and the youth appreciates her talent.  She keeps it classy, but isn’t afraid to be herself.  Whether she knows is trying to or not, Adele is attracting people of all ages and backgrounds.

Infographic by Katie Harff

Infographic by Katie Harff

The Young Super Fan

Andrew Jensen, a junior at Lakeville North high school, fell in love when he heard Adele’s second album.

Jensen is an example of a teen who is 100% in on the Adele craze.  He recently got a shirt from a friend that reads ¨it’s an Adele thing¨ on the front.

He paid close to $500 for a ticket for when Adele comes to St. Paul in July.  Adele has two shows at the Xcel Energy Center on July on 5th and 6th.  The tickets for the whole tour were sold out in a matter of minutes.

Jensen believes a live performance from Adele is worth every penny.

“This is a once of a lifetime opportunity,” said Jensen.

When anyone challenges him on his love for Adele, he has a statistic ready to prove she is the best in the business.

“10 million people tried to get tickets and only 750,000 people got them,” said Jensen.

He is proud to be one of those 750,000.

Other than loving Adele’s music, Jensen likes her as a person as well.

¨She is a very relatable person,¨ said Jensen.

Marcia Jensen, Andrew Jensen’s mom, noticed his obsession at the beginning of this school year and it hasn’t faded.

¨I was hoping it was just a phase, but I don’t think it is anymore,¨ said Marcia Jensen.

Marcia Jensen doesn’t have a problem with Adele, but Andrew Jensen’s love for Adele has turned into quite an expensive one considering the price of one ticket.

Marcia Jensen saw how badly her son wanted those tickets and she is the one who scored them by jumping at the first ones she found on Ticketmaster.  She had multiple computers running the site to ensure they would get tickets.

The cover of Time magazine's December issue featured Adele
The cover of Time magazine’s December issue featured Adele

¨I think he is obsessed and that’s why I decided to just get tickets because if I hadn’t I would probably still be hearing about it,¨ said Marcia Jensen.

Andrew Jensen is an example of someone with an extreme love for Adele, but junior Catherine Arvidson isn’t so much a fan.

¨Rolling in the deep was my jam, but then I realized all her music sounds the same,¨ said Arvidson.

Arvidson may say Adele’s music sounds ¨too soulful¨ now, but there was a point in time that she enjoyed Adele´s music.

¨They all have piano which is why people think they sound the same, but if you were to really listen, you would find each song is unique,¨ said Andrew Jensen in defense of Adele and in response to Arvidson’s opinion.

The Music

Adele’s fans may vary in age, but they all are a fan for one reason: the music.

Aimee Morice, a real estate agent living in Otsego, Minnesota, also bought tickets for the upcoming July concert and is a fan of her music.

¨I think her music tells a great story… when I heard this album I was sold,¨ said Morice.

Morice played the game of concert ticket buying the right way by only buying one ticket to ensure she would get one.  Morice scored a 9th row seat for $125.

¨I don’t just like to spend money on just any concert and I have heard she is amazing live,¨ said Morice.

Morice appreciates good music and believes Adele has what it takes to put on a good show.

¨Her voice is very unique along with her lyrics,¨ said Morice.

McGovern has a similar opinion of Adele’s music.

¨Her voice is amazing, but her lyrics are also very impressive,¨ said McGovern.

McGovern also believes emotion has a lot to do with Adele’s image.

¨She could be singing a jingle for a commercial and it would come off as ‘wow she really felt that’,¨ said McGovern.

McGovern also likes the way Adele’s music is constructed.

“I like how her songs aren’t poppy.  They don’t always have a hook and the same chorus line over and over again,” said McGovern.

Marcia Jensen also thinks Adele’s voice is a key component to her success.

¨I have a hard time listening to ‘Hello’ anymore because I have heard it 5 million times, but I still like listening to her music and I think she has a good voice,¨ said Marcia Jensen.

Why Adele?


There is something that Adele has that other stars don’t.  How else could she succeed at attracting such a wide variety of individuals to her music?  

“Her music resonates with such a wide range of audiences,” said Morice.

Adele embraces the fact that she is still human and her fans see it.

“She’s herself and one of a kind.  She doesn’t try to play into any stereotypes or try to kiss up to people or be hollywood.  She does her own thing and is pretty chill,” said McGovern.

She also has a boyfriend and a child which makes her seem even more genuine, said McGovern.

Marcia Jensen also sees Adele as someone who is genuine.

“She is very down to earth and she is almost afraid to be famous or popular.  She doesn’t want that and I think that’s cool,” said Marcia.

Adele has been successful because she isn’t too concerned about what people think about her, like many in the Hollywood scene are.

“Many Hollywood people can’t get enough of the spotlight and she is the total opposite of that which i think makes more people like her,” said Marcia Jensen.

Besides loving Adele’s music along with her personality, Andrew Jensen thinks Adele is at a perfect age to have fans of many ages.

“She is 27 so she isn’t too young so old people respect her but she isn’t to old to where she is out of date for the younger generation,” said Jensen.

Adele’s career has attracted wide varieties of people and continues to do so.

“There is nobody you can compare her to,” said Jensen.

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Adele: The world’s sweetheart