Mi5 Fitness plays important role in 31-0 season

The Lakeville North boys’ hockey team trains together at Mi5 Fitness in Lakeville, and the time spent together was one key piece that led to its 31-0 season in 2014-2015

The Panthers celebrate after winning Class 2A in 2015. Photo by Jim Lindquist

The Panthers celebrate after winning Class 2A in 2015. Photo by Jim Lindquist

Adam Tremblay, Staff Writer

A hockey team that trains off the ice together wins together as the Lakeville North program found out last year.

The Panthers went 31-0, winning the Class 2A state title in 2014-2015, and the time they spent training at Mi5 Fitness in Lakeville played a key role in the undefeated run.

“Working out as a team offers team building,” said Peter Rohrbach, a Panther hockey player that trained with Mi5 over the summer.

But, as many of the Lakeville North players found out, the team isn’t the only thing that grew because of Mi5 Fitness.

“There are a lot of aspects about being in a gym that makes you a better person, a better athlete and an all around better teammate,” said Chris Giesking, who led the training of the hockey team.

Lakeville North has been working out with Giesking and the Mi5 team for two full seasons now and together, they have focused on strength, speed and agility.

Most workouts start the same way. It begins with a warmup and stretch to get loose, then it moves to a speed and agility exercise, such as ladder drills and hurdles. It then moves on to strength to build up players for the ice, and concludes with a conditioning exercise to simulate a real game in which players have to use all their strength in the end to win.

Chris said he wants them to move better, so he focuses on hip movement in hockey players to prepare them for a real game.

“They’ve helped us raise the level of fitness to give us an edge over the other teams,” Rohrbach said.

Not only does the Mi5 program provide an edge for Lakeville North, it also strengthens team chemistry.

“Working out as a team builds that confidence in their buddies that they aren’t going to let each other down on the ice because if they are sweating as a team in (Mi5 Fitness), then it transfers to the ice,” Giesking said.

Because of the team’s ability to come together and to turn unity into on-ice production, Giesking enjoys his job even more.

“I see a lot of heart and that motivates me to want to work harder for them,” said Giesking.

Giesking said that he sees a lot of encouragement from teammates, and saw no clicks among the hockey teams. From a varsity captain to a JV player, everyone treated each other the same.

Chris loves to see the players improve and grow up as people.

“I”m really happy that they are training here,” he said.

He also enjoys seeing Lakeville North alumni come back to work out at Mi5 Fitness.

“(The players) understand the value of working out at a high level,” Giesking said.