“Jane the Virgin” brings hilarity and drama to its viewers

As an avid Netflix binge watcher, discovering Jane the Virgin was like finding a diamond in the rough. Recommended to me by a friend, I had no idea what hilarity and drama was in store.

Jane, a young Latina woman from Miami, led a seemingly perfect life; she had a loving boyfriend, was almost done with college, and had remained abstinent her whole life until one accident flipped her entire world upside down. One fateful day she was accidentally artificially inseminated with the sperm of a wealthy party boy, Rafael, who was her former crush before meeting her current boyfriend, Michael. The show follows the relationships that spring to life and the others that wither away as Jane decides what to do about her unexpected pregnancy. Although it’s an intricate storyline, the show remains light-hearted with the assistance of a comedic narrator and the perfect amount of telenovela-like drama.

But it’s not just a sappy, predictably dramatic chick flick. With a murderous drug dealer on the loose and the discovery of her long, lost father, Jane the Virgin keeps you on your toes with the show’s unexpected twists and turns in almost every episode.

In addition to that, the show is a refreshing representation of Latino culture in today’s America. With references to telenovelas, or spanish soap operas, as well as the infusion of the spanish language in each forty minute episode, anyone can learn a little something more about Latino culture after watching Jane the Virgin. And don’t worry, if you’re not a fluent Spanish speaker, subtitles are included.
Overall, Jane the Virgin is a show that perfectly combines humor and drama all the while remaining modern and relevant to today’s society. The first season is on Netflix and, trust me, you’ll easily become addicted and whip right through it. Then, come find me and we can talk about the season finale’s wild plot twist. I highly recommend watching this show during Minnesota’s harsh winter months when you’re not frolicking in our not-so-winter-wonderland.