Lau: Beware of “Love the Coopers”

Despite a star-studded cast, tamper your expectations for a comedy Christmas movie

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With the Holidays approaching, we are drawn to go a see a Holiday movie or two, but beware of the new Christmas movie Love the Coopers directed by Jessie Nelson.  

The movie is categorized as a dramatic comedy, and while it is dramatic, it is filled with little to no humor. With a star studded cast, the movie had the potential to be a hit, but due to a poor script, the movie turned out to be a flop that made you wish the movie was almost over.

Love the Coopers is about a couple Sam and Charlotte Cooper, played by John Goodman and Diane Keaton, who are putting off divorce to fake one last “perfect” Christmas with their four generation family. The whole movie takes place in one eventful day showcasing the problems that each family member faces while getting ready for their Christmas Eve dinner. Sam and Charlotte’s daughter, Eleanor (Olivia Wilde) is flying in to town to be at Christmas Eve. Eleanor dreads Christmas Eve because she feels she disappoints her parents each year when she shows up without a boyfriend. While at the airport she meets a cute soldier named Joe (Jake Lacy) who is on leave from the army. Even though they are opposites, they develop feelings for eachother. This scene, in my opinion was one of the reasons I disliked the movie because it was a predictable scene that was also way too gushy for my liking.  Also there is Charlotte’s younger sister, Emma (Marisa Tomei), who is jealous of her sister’s seemingly perfect life. After trying to shoplift an expensive gift at the mall, Emma is arrested. But of course she was let go after giving advice to the “stone cold” police officer, which was WAY too predictable. And lastly, there’s Bucky (Alan Arkin), who is the father of Charlotte and Emma. All he wants is for his daughters to get along, and ultimately brings them together after having a stroke. This movie has a great cast, and even though the script of the movie was subpar, the acting definitely wasn’t.

The movie was released on November 13, 2015 and made only $8.4 million on its opening week, which is statistically low. Along with that, the film also received harsh reviews from critics. For example it received only a 19% on Rotten Tomatoes, who agree the actors were good, but the script for their characters was significantly bad.

Although the movie works as a drama, it completely fails the expectation of a comedy movie. It is a very predictable movie that doesn’t even come close to comparing to classic Christmas movies. If you are in to mushy Christmas movies this one’s for you, but if you are expecting a comedy Christmas film, please stay away from Love the Coopers.