Harff: Anonymous attacks via Twitter polls need to end

Anonymous attacks of people, no matter how serious, are cowardly and don’t solve anything.

The current generation of high school students is, sadly, quite good at pointing out the flaws in people anonymously behind phone and computer screens.

Twitter polls are the latest avenue for these cowardly attacks.

I got a notification last night that told me a Twitter account named “LNHS Polls” followed me. Out of curiosity, I clicked on the account and saw that there weren’t any tweets. I followed the account so I could find out what it was when the account tweeted for the first time.

Throughout the day on Thursday, more than just a few tweets were released. Each tweet is a poll that followers are able to vote on. Each one is either a blunt insult or focuses on negative qualities of people.

Despite the attempts at humor, almost all of the tweets are capable of offending someone in someway.

As if it couldn’t get worse, the ideas for the polls are being sent in by fellow students. High school seems to be a time where individuals feels the need to tear others down in order to make him or herself feel better. I have never been able to understand this concept because we are all human and should have each other’s back at the very least.

Social media makes it easy for people to do things they wouldn’t do in person, and through it, people sometimes cross the line, similar to how the LNHS polls account has.

The things being said may be funny at first, and even the people who are the subjects of the tweets may laugh, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt.

The negative things being spread on social media are not necessary for anyone’s survival, so why is it out there? Growing up in a generation surrounded by social media is a blessing and a curse, but if we use its power for the good, the curse will no longer be an issue.

LNHS polls is just one example of the power of social media being used for bad, and these anonymous attacks need to stop.