Combat boots among fall fashion trends

Summer is gone, so you’ll need these items to create your fall wardrobe.

Morgan Lau, Staff Writer

Fall is here, which means it’s time to pack away your Summer wardrobe. Typically, Minnesota has gorgeous weather throughout the Fall season, which makes fall activities more enjoyable. However, you can’t enjoy those activities if you do not have the perfect Fall outfit planned. This Fall there are a few fashion trends you should know about to ensure your Fall outfit is perfect.


Combat Boots

A style that became popular last year is expected to make a reappearance this fall. Boots are a fall must have, especially combat boots because they pair well with many things. brown-combat-boots-tumblr-zsucjey7-2z4kr8s0kkvezms8ctts0aSkinny jeans and leggings are the best pants to wear with
combat boots because they tuck into them nicely. You can also dress up your boots with long socks, leg warmers or boot toppers. Then, pick out a cute sweater or scarf, and you have a great fall outfit centered around your combat boots



When most Minnesotans see the color maroon, we think of the University of Minnesota whose colors are maroon and gold. But this fall you’ll be seeing a lot of maroon, not because people are supporting the Gophers, but because it is one of the trendiest colors for fall. fall-fashion-trend_burgundy-maroonFrom shirts, to sweaters, to scarves you’ll be seeing a whole lot of maroon this fall season. Experiment with fashion and try the color out for yourself.




Flannel made a comeback last summer and is continuing to be a fashion trend this fall. Flannel is great because it comes in many styles and color varieties. jpeg;base64bd7e15e067add5ceYou can match your favorite flannel with almost any outfit, which makes it a very versatile add on to your outfit. If you are going for a more “casual” look you can wear your flannel as a cardigan over a t-shirt and jeans. Or, you can add a vest over your flannel and pair it with riding boots and you have a perfect casual look for a fall day. However, if you want a more preppy or formal look, so to speak, you can layer your flannel under a sweater and let the collar and sleeves pop out, or you can tie it around your waist with a dress. Flannel is a versatile add on to any outfit, which makes it a popular fall clothing trend.

Vera Bradley backpacks

Backpacks are a high school necessity. We carry them from class-to-class everyday. This fall many girls have purchased Vera Bradley backpacks to carry their textbooks around, looking stylish while doing it. Vera Bradley was founded in 1982 by Barbara Bradley Backgaard and Patricia R Miller. images-q=tbn-ANd9GcSgQMWymI3d64REKbSoR4ISF1zfb6f-RK-5-hDxNCfdFTIRK6SlThey were friends who believed that women needed more fashionable luggage. So, they decided to found a company that made womens’ luggage in a variety of designs and colors. Vera Bradley has experienced tremendous growth in the past five years, and is continuing to grow at a rapid rate. Vera Bradley backpacks are functional and fashionable which is why they are a popular trend this fall.