Blog: Austria and Germany Day Five: 3-31 to 4-1

Mariah Glinski, Staff Writer

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Today we were snowed in at the hotel the entire day.  It was horrible.




Alright I know that was lame, let’s just go with it okay.


No we weren’t actually snowed in, but it did snow!  I guess Minnesotans can never really escape snow!  When we saw it snowing outside the hotel window, we were pretty pessimistic about what would be happening for the day, but luckily the snow did little to stymie our activities.


We got the opportunity to go up the mountain, although it was a lower part than initially planned.  The snow actually made our time at the mountain even more fun!  The snow was perfect to make snowballs.  Keely Kalbach and I made a snowman and we all got to watch the epic snowball fight between Mrs. Casperson and Mr. Hegna.


We rode up the mountain in some gondolas on a chairlift.  Once we got to the top, we did some singing in a restaurant including “Happy Birthday” to our tour guide Jose Carlos.


After that we sat down for lunch. I once again had spaetzle, and today I tried some European coca cola.  It seemed much more fizzy than the coke we have at home.  Then we spent a little time out in the snow before going back down the mountain and heading to our next destination.


We visited Dachau concentration camp memorial site. After watching a short movie, we toured he camp.  Dachau was used to concentrate mostly clergy, communists, homosexuals, and Jews.  We saw the krematoriam, barracks, and main building/museum.  Although Dachau wasn’t used for mass exterminations, it did have a gas chamber that was used experimentally.  The tour was a very emotional experience for many students.


For dinner we tried some traditional foods including pretzel soup, and many types of sausage.  I actually tried “veal” which is apparently lamb and I DID NOT enjoy.  After dinner, we checked into our new hotel in Munich that we will be staying at for two nights before we go home.