Blog: Austria and Germany Day Four: 3-30 to 3-31

North Star staff writer Mariah Glinski is a member of the LNHS Choir that is currently in Germany and Austria, performing abroad. Glinski will provide daily updates of both their musical experiences and European experiences.

Mariah Glinski, Staff Writer

We got up in our nice hotel in Saldsburg this morning and we ate at a breakfast buffet. One distinctive thing about German breakfast is the huge amount of bread they always have available to eat.

Our first stop was at the Hallein Salt Mines. We piled on layers today in order to keep warm underground. We were provided with pants and a button down to keep our clothes from getting iron dripped on them. We learned about the use of the salt mines as we walked through about a mile of tunnels. There were also two slides we got to ride down along the way and a boat ride with a light show through an underground salt lake. At the end, we all received a small amount of salt to take home.

Today we were supposed to take a train to the top of a mountain, but due to weather the mountain was inaccessible.

Instead, after stopping for lunch, we headed to Neuschwanstein Castle. We toured the interior of the castle with a guide. Although it was built in the 19th century, it was modeled to commemorate the Middle Ages. It was full of stunning art and architecture. This was the castle Disney modeled for the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

It was very rainy on the walk back to the bus. Thank goodness for windbreakers because even with them, we were soaked.

Our dinner was a delicious dinner at Hotel Königshof. My favorite part had to be the dessert which had Apple and ice cream.

After dinner, we check into our hotel for a night to relax and spend time in our rooms or in the pool. No early start tomorrow, and we will be visiting the Dachau concentration camp memorial site.