Blog: Austria and Germany Day Three: 3-29 to 3-30

Mariah Glinski, Staff Writer

North Star staff writer Mariah Glinski is a member of the LNHS Choir that is currently in Germany and Austria, performing abroad. Glinski will provide daily updates of both their musical experiences and European experiences. 

Today was very busy, very cold, and very rainy.  We woke up early in the morning and after breakfast we piled onto the busses and headed towards the city of Mondsee to St. Michaels Cathedral, the Wedding Chapel featured in “The Sound of Music.”  We were allowed to take holy water for a donation, and buy different gifts there.

My pod tried some Austrian pizza in a nice restaurant where we could sit down and be warm.  We enjoyed a bread related pun from the one and only Maddie Gorg (she said “why are you so sour…doe”).  We also tried some chocolate cake with orange zest.

We stopped at a lovely cathedral at Kollegienkirche to perform.  I was able to pay a euro to light a candle in honor of my great grandmother.  The performance was very emotional for many members of the choir.

We continued with our sound of music tour by visiting Salzburg, and taking The Sound of Music Tour, and visiting locations from the movie.  Although it was cold and rainy, it was absolutely stunning.

We then had some free time.  We were able to try both the “gold” and “silver” versions of the legendary “Mozart Chocolates.”  We bought the silver ones from the original store where they are made daily, and it was delicious.  I also got to try Austrian coffee at a small Café.  I got a cappuccino and it was amazing.

We finished our day by eating and watching a Mozart dinner concert.  Music was played on strings and sung as we enjoyed a three course meal.  After, we got to go back to the hotel and relax before going to bed and getting up for another great day tomorrow.

Today was our last full day in Austria, and tomorrow we will be headed to Germany!