Austria and Germany Day Two: 3-28 to 3-29

Mariah Glinski, Staff Writer

North Star staff writer Mariah Glinski is a member of the LNHS Choir that is currently in Germany and Austria, performing abroad. Glinski will provide daily updates of both their musical experiences and European experiences. 
Today was jam-packed with fun things to do in Vienna!  We started out the day by going to the Schönberunn palace, the former home of Maria Theresa of the Hapsburg.  We took lots of pictures outside before giving a performance outside as it rained on and off.  After we got to tour part of the palace and see the beautiful Baroque and Rococo art as well as “frescos” painted on the ceiling, and portraits of Hapsburgs.
Afterwards, we got to shop in an Easter market where I bought gifts for my friends and family including some painted eggs and other handcrafts.  I also it to try Spaetzle, an Austrian food that reminds me a bit of Mac and cheese.
On our way back to the bus, Maddie Gorg and I became aquatinted with a “statue man” painted gold and dressed as Mozart. We took a picture and he talked to us about the music we were singing for the tour.  He also told Maddie she has pretty eyes. He is correct.
After that, we got back into the bus and drove through Vienna and went to St. Stephan’s cathedral to visit the catacombs there. Although it was a bit creepy, it was also very interesting.  We also visited the apartment home of Mozart called “The Figaro House”
After this we had some free time to spend at a local amusement park.  Rides ranged from 3-8 euros per ride, and many Lakeville North students tried some swings that extended high up into the air. Mostly because it was 5€, I decided that the 1.30€ gelato was more my speed.
We finished our day but eating at the Donauturm, a restaurant that is located at the tallest point in the city that spins so you can see all of the sights of Vienna. Our meal included soup, chicken, potatoes, vegetables, and a desert that reminded us of a dilly bar.  After eating we headed back to our hotel for some much needed rest before an early start tomorrow.