Austria and Germany Day One: 3-27 to 3-28

Mariah Glinski, Staff Writer

North Star staff writer Mariah Glinski is a member of the LNHS Choir that is currently in Germany and Austria, performing abroad. Glinski will provide daily updates of both their musical experiences and European experiences. 

It has been a very long couple of days for everyone on this trip!  I, being on the third of the three flights, woke up at 7:00 am on Friday morning to get ready for the long day and a half of traveling.  After arriving at the airport at ten, I met with my roommate and the rest of my “pod” (a group of people with a chaperone each student is assigned to check in with regularly) to go through security.  We didn’t have any security issues and all moved through the line quickly.


We made our way towards the gate and found spots to hunker down in for the next couple hours at the airport.  Unfortunately, my flight to Chicago had a delay of just about an hour.  Neither of the other flights had delays, but did have to wait at the Munich airport for the rest of us to arrive.  After landing in Chicago, we only had a few hours to wait for the flight to board for Munich, Germany.  This flight actually went on ahead of schedule and the flight only lasted 7 hours and 50 minutes which is an hour less than what was predicted.  Our flight left on Friday evening and we landed Saturday morning in Germany time (which was actually about 2 in the morning Minnesota time).


Obviously very sleep deprived, we all piled onto 2 coach busses.  Each bus is assigned a tour guide and a driver.  My bus’s tour guide is named Carlos and he is from Spain.  I am constantly amazed, but slightly confused about how Carlos can know so much about Austria and Germany but not actually be from there.  Despite his confusion between “Martin Luther”, the leader of the protested revolution which is very relevant to European history and “Martin Luther King”, the civil rights leader who is not all that relevant to European history, Carlos is a pretty cool guy.  I do admit, I missed quite a few of the things he told us about the countries today because I fell asleep.  But he taught us about the history of Germany and Austria as well as how to say some phrases in German.  The best part about riding on the bus was seeing the Alps as we drove by.


For lunch today, I tried something Austrian.  I have no idea what it’s called, I just know that I didn’t actually mean to order it.  I managed to purchase what seemed to be a soft pretzel and butter sandwich.  Don’t get me wrong, the butter was good but I thought it was cheese, and that was a LOT of butter.  Some of my friends tried other sandwiches or schnitzel.


Some of the biggest difficulties we had today were getting used to people talking to us in German and expecting us to understand what they want us to do, and paying for bathrooms.  It cost 50 euro cents to go to the bathroom a lot of places.  That’s definitely very different.


For dinner, the hotel offered us a buffet of a lot of great Austrian foods for us to try.  Some of my personal favorites were a sponge cake with apricot, and a vegetable and dumpling soup.   Not to mention the amazing baguettes they had for us.  Words cannot describe how much better this food was than the food we were served on the airplane the night before.


We spent the rest of the night relaxing in our rooms, and getting some much needed rest as we all try to get over our jet-lag.


Tomorrow we will have our first performance at Schonbrunn Palace, and visit the Figaro House the home of famous composer, Mozart.