Lakeville North Chorale takes off to Germany and Austria

Mariah Glinski, Staff Writer

This Friday, members of Lakeville North Chorale and Bel Canto will be heading out to Germany and Austria. The excitement is really starting to set in with the students going on the trip.  Junior Nicole Downing is “looking  forward to being able to explore a new culture and country.”  Students will enjoy the rich cultures and beautiful scenery of both countries.

For many students, this will be the first time traveling or flying abroad, which can be both a nerve-racking and exciting experience.  Junior Sydney Mohr is “looking forward to traveling out of the country and seeing all the new places.”  Friday will be a full day of flying on planes and waiting in airports for all three flights the students have been split into.  It’s no surprise that many students are planning on listening to music while flying and waiting at the airport.  Junior Maddie Gorg says she’ll “be listening to music or sleeping.”

After landing in Munich in the morning (local time, six hours ahead of Central Time), all the students will pile on to coach busses and drive to Vienna where they will begin their travel all over Germany and Austria for the next week.  The hotels they stay at will provide dinners and breakfast, but students will be in charge of purchasing their own lunches.  With many differences in food and culture in Europe – it’s no wonder Sydney Mohr is “worried about what there will be for food over there.”

With all the exciting sights in these two countries, there is plenty to be excited about seeing.  Junior Alyssa Burk is excited for the “Mozart dinner concert, the Donaturn, and just exploring Vienna.” In Vienna, Maddie Gorg is “looking forward to the Sound of music tour because [she] loves the musical a lot”.  The group will also be visiting Olympiapark, the location of the 1972 Summer Olympics, the concentration camp memorial site in Dachau, and the BMW headquarters where they will get to virtually drive the latest BMW models.

Along with all the excitement, there is a bit of nervousness and worry that comes along with a trip like this.  Junior Spencer Kooiman is “worried about losing [his] luggage.”  Maddie Gorg is worried about “being so far from home.”  These students will be around 4,563 miles (distance from Minneapolis to Munich) away from home during this trip, further from home than many of them have ever been.  Thankfully, many things have been done to help make sure the trip goes along as easily as possible.  Students have been split up into pods with chaperones that they will check in with on a regular basis.  Many parents and chaperones will be with the students as well as Ms. Casperson and Mr. McNulty.  Students have also paired themselves with a roommate that will always make sure they are accounted for.

There are many traveling essentials for trip like this such as neck safes, Euros, phrasebooks, and electrical converters.  Students also have their own traveling essentials.  Maddie Gorg insists her “traveling essential would have to be [her] pillow pet.”  Alyssa Burk, who travels quite often, says “comfy shoes” are important.  Sydney Mohr sticks to the basics with “a phone and earbuds.” Junior Alyssa Ehlen is also going to make sure to bring her “phone and charger” so she can “talk to [her] family back at home” and tell them all about the amazing time she is having.

The trip is bound to be an amazing experience for all the students lucky enough to be traveling to these beautiful countries.  And what better way to experience the rich culture of Europe than with a large group of your friends.  Students are becoming more ecstatic as the date of the trip gets closer.  It’s sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Continue checking the North Star over spring break for continued updates and blogs from the trip!