Ten travel essentials to make your Spring Break perfect

Mariah Glinski, Staff Writer

hawaii__life_is_beautiful__hawaii_by_alierturk-d6764rjFlying overseas or even within the U.S. for spring break can be exciting, but also hectic, stressful, and sometimes uncomfortable.  For anyone traveling over break, here are ten things to bring in your carry-on to make your flight as comfortable as possible.


-Headphones: This sounds obvious, but headphones are super easy to forget while packing for a flight.  Headphones can help you block out whatever’s going on around you such as a crying baby or a snoring old man.  It’s also a good idea to pack an extra pair in case they break or get left at the hotel.

-Sleeping mask: Wearing a sleeping mask while you’re trying to get some rest on the plane is helpful in many ways.  First, it lets others around you know you’re trying to sleep.  It also makes it dark enough for you to sleep, and allows people around you to have lights on if they’d like to.

-Sudoku: As lame as it sounds, puzzle books are great to have with you on a flight.  Whether you like sudoku, crosswords, word searches, or coloring books, puzzle books and other similar activities to do can distract you from the flight for quite some time and make the flight go by faster.

-Books: A long flight is the perfect opportunity to read that book you’ve been meaning to read for so long.  Soft cover books are the best because they’re much lighter and easier to carry around.

-Chapstick and Facial Lotion: Being on the plane for a long time can cause your lips and face to dry up a bit. It’s important to have lotion and chapstick so you won’t have to deal with dried out skin during your vacation.  *Remember to bag and follow all standards for liquids*

-Motion Sickness and Headache Medicine: If you’re prone to motion sickness, even just a little it’s a good idea to have some sort of motion sickness medicine with you.  You can get tablets or a liquid to dot behind your ear.  If you aren’t prone to motion sickness you still may want to bring some ibuprofen in case you get a headache.  *be sure to bag and follow standards for all liquids*

-Cozy Socks: For longer flights, it’s nice to have cozy socks to change into so you don’t have to leave your shoes on for the whole flight and you can keep your feet warm.

-Pillow: Whether it be a neck pillow, regular pillow, or a pillow pet – pillows are a necessity for anyone wanting to get at least some rest during the flight.

-Hand Sanitizer:  As you travel through the airport (and while on the airplane), it’s important to sanitize your hands to make sure you don’t get sick on the plane or during your vacation.  *Remember to bag and follow all standards for liquids*

-Comfy Clothes: Wear/pack clothes that you feel comfortable sleeping and sitting around in.  If you want to wear something nice into the airport, pack a cozy pullover to take out during the flight.