Panther Code: The Winter Months

Comparable to MTV’s “Girl Code,” “Panther Code” is a new segment that will be posted through the LNHS North Star. For those not familiar with “Girl Code,” it is a somewhat comical telling of advice on a different topic every episode.  Each of the girls is unique and has a different personality or background their advice comes from.  This edition of  “Panther code” features the advice of Sara Rabon, Mariah Glinski, and Emily Reuvers on making it through the winter months.

Sara Rabon, the Intellectual

The winter isn’t easy on any of us. The constant cold, scraping the snow and/or ice off your car, and the dark clouds don’t make life any easier. The snow is not that horrible; we all know it’s the cold. I’ve lived here for most of my life and there will never be a day where the cold doesn’t make me want to live anywhere else. Half the time the school is barely heated so it’s no wonder people wear four layers of clothes.

But let’s be real for a second: while on occasion, you can come across the guy that refuses to wear pants and only wear shorts, girls are crazy ones. We wear leggings, barely enough cloth to get past the school dress codes, in negative 10 degree weather. I get cold horribly easily and I wonder how these other girls do it!  It’s ridiculous, but I’m not one to stop anyone. If you do that, you are much more hardcore than I am, and guys need not comment.

Mariah Glinski, Chicken Nugget Enthusiast

As the year goes on and the weather becomes more dreary, it’s easy to sit on Twitter for hours and justify it saying “it’s cold out”.  When it’s still snowy in February and March it’s easy to feel sick, stressed, or sad.  Here are some tips I have to stay happy during the cold months:

  • Try something new! Take up knitting, learn to play a new instrument, or learn the dance from the “Bye Bye Bye” music video.  Learning something new helps you set goals and gives you something to look forward to
  • Exercise.  It’s good to keep working out in the winter, but it’s also good to do fun active things like swimming, or playing Just Dance.
  • Get cozy.  Buy yourself some warm socks.  Seriously.  Get in your car right now, go to Target, buy some nice warm socks.  I’m not kidding. Now that you’re back from target, wrap yourself in a cozy blanket and watch a movie.  Preferably one with Emma Stone in it.
  • Get some hot chocolate.

Yeah.  That’s all.

Emily Reuvers, the One Who’s Last Name is Consistently Mis-pronounced

At this point in the year, I tend to assume that many of my fellow Minnesotans are completely sick of winter. I often find myself wondering who would decide to live here in the first place? But seeing as there isn’t much that anyone can do about our weather situation, we have to find ways to entertain ourselves. Whether you are a person who welcomes the chill with open arms or someone who hibernates until spring, there are different ways to get through the long winter for everyone.

If you are more of the “indoorsy-type,” I have one word: Netflix. Finding a good new series, wrapping up in a warm blanket, and forgetting about the below zero temperatures has been my go-to way to pass by the winter months. If you don’t mind doing nothing, Netflix can be a great, WARM way to spend your free time this winter. Otherwise, doing something crafty, listening to some new music, or reading a book can be fun as well!

If you like getting outside and doing something, there are plenty of winter activities to try! If I’m feeling like braving the bitter cold, I enjoy getting out and going skiing or ice skating. You don’t have to be good at it (I certainly am not), it’s still cool to try! So if you have want to take advantage of the snowy Minnesota conditions, hit up an ice rink or a ski hill and have fun! Don’t worry about falling, it’s apart of the experience.

Even though it feels like summer is gone forever, fear not. With great patience and your favorite method of winter entertainment, it’ll be over before you know it. Stay strong, Minnesotans.