LNHS choir headed to Europe

The Lakeville North choir heads to Austria-Germany this spring, but some singers have already started packing.

LNHS choir headed to Europe

Mariah Glinski , Staff Writer

The Lakeville North choirs are already buzzing in anticipation for the Austria-Germany trip coming up this spring break.  Over sixty Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors from LNHS choir will be split up into three flights, two busses, and will embark on an unforgettable trip.

Even though the trip isn’t till Spring, some singers are making early preparations.

“Sydney Mohr’s already started packing,” junior Maddie Gorg said.

The members have also been fundraising for this trip since last year.  They’ve been raising funds by selling chocolate (as many students remember), bagging groceries, Pampered Chef sales, and selling Kwick Trip cards and poinsettias.

The choir will spend about a week in the two countries and go sightseeing as well as perform in both countries.  They will be visiting Mozart’s house, the Sound of Music Wedding Church and city tour, Salt Mines in Hallien, and a concentration camp memorial site.  Some cities they will stay in include Vienna, Munich, Salzburg and Garmisch, and Partenkirchen.

“I’m excited to see the Schonbrunn Palace because it is the castle Disney based the Sleeping Beauty castle on,” junior Alyssa Ehlen said of the sightseeing.

Right now, the choir is in the rehearsal process.  They are learning all the music they will be performing on tour. Some pieces include Emerald Stream, which was performed by chorale last year, as well as Bring Me Little Water Sylvie and Gift to be Simple which were also performed by chorale at this year’s fall concert.

Stay posted from the LNHS North Star for more news on this exciting choir trip.