Trivia Crack

The Addiction is Real

Mariah Glinski, Staff Writer

The new smartphone app “Trivia Crack” has definitely lived up to its name.  Students at North and people all over can’t seem to stop playing.

Trivia Crack is an application that allows you to challenge your friends to determine one thing: who know the most random stuff?  This random stuff is divided into 6 categories.  Entertainment, art, science, sports, history, and geography.  You spin the virtual wheel, and your category is chosen.  After correctly answering three questions, you can pick a topic and answer a question to win a character, or you can challenge your friend to a series of questions from all topics to steal one of their characters.

Basically, it gives you a daily reason to thank Ms. Clark or Mr. Gassman for making you memorize the year reconstruction ended.  As well as complain about your impending defeat due to the fact that you couldn’t recall how many NBA Championships Michael Jordan has won (it’s three by the way).  It’s also the reason you hear someone shouting across a classroom asking “Who was the artist that painted ‘Starry Night’?” With “what are the choices?” As the response.

The sense of community is evident.  When you look at the football player who sits next to you in Chemistry class and see that he’s just lost a challenge as well, you start to wonder if you’re really all that different at all.  You see their phone, you get what they’re going through, you understand.

On the other hand, this game is a contest, and the is nothing more important to anyone that proving that you more about random stuff than your Facebook friends. But when does the competition go too far? Is the line drawn when “Ms. Clark crushes every one of her students at Trivia Crack” is used as an example of active voice in AP Lang?  How long is it before we are completely consumed by Trivia Crack and schooling is rendered obsolete?

The app is now being compared to flappy bird in levels of addictiveness. But the real question is, how addictive is it? There comes a time when we must all look in the mirror and ask ourselves “which is more addictive: trivia crack, or actual crack?”.  If your answer is actual crack, you should probably get some help given that actual crack is illegal. If you answer trivia crack, maybe it’s time we all put our phones down for a bit, and go spend the holidays in the real world with friends and family (after all, your game doesn’t time out for another two days).